5 Reasons to Convince You Why You Need SEO


You’ve started your own business and have thought about ensuring that you cast a wider net for customers by creating your website. To ensure that you cast that net effectively, creating a website is a start however if your website doesn’t show up on the first few pages of search engine results, no one will see your website. Often consumers don’t know what they want or what it’s called. We all check the internet through keywords in the hopes of potentially we find what we need.

We rely on search engine results to find our words. Studies show that people on the internet rarely go beyond the first few internet search results. Included in the study is the fact that people trust websites that show up on the first few searches and the logic behind it is that those websites are active leading to concluding that they belong to legitimate companies. The question now is how you can make your website show up when people are interested in the product or service you offer. You need to know about SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Google, as a search engine, has the highest share of search engine use. Google is preferred 90% of the time when doing internet searches. For Google to keep its trust rating as the leading search engine, they need to ensure that when someone gets on the internet, they show the most related and quality websites that contain the information being searched for. We know that no one is manning the internet, it’s all based on algorithms. With the knowledge of algorithms and how the internet works, we now introduce Search Engine Optimisation.

Search engine optimisation for your website means ensuring recognition and visibility on the internet through skillfully packaging your brand on the world wide web. Small businesses rarely have a chance of going against corporations when it comes to advertisements, but the internet is a great equaliser in this field. Here are 5 reasons to convince you why you need SEO:


  1. Reach a wider market

As a small business, the influx of customers either can come from within the vicinity of your location, word of mouth, repeat customers and the likes. Being visible on the internet will make your customer reach extend further. The internet is mobile. Consumers have become savvier and often check for the best deal available before purchasing. Most check the internet first. If your website is optimised, you get more people visiting your website. You also get more interest in the products and services you offer.


  1. Save on advertisement costs

You have the option of placing an ad on the internet, but they do cost a penny. Observe as well how you deal with web advertisements; do you click them? If the answer is NO, then a better way to get free advertisement is through optimizing your website. This is a small business ally. When we apply the knowledge on SEO on your website, your website will show up on the first few pages of a search engine. This gives you free advertisement. The internet does not sleep, that’s 24/7 free promotion.


  1. Be recognised

The more that people come across your website, the more familiar they become to your brand. The more familiar you become; you increase your customer base.


  1. Exponentially increase your customer base and sales

As mentioned on the reasons above, you cast a wider net if you have a strong presence on the internet increasing the number of those interested, to eventually increase the number of customers in which results in higher sales.


  1. Increase your brand’s worth

Visibility and brand recall increase a company’s worth. Popularity increases your brand’s worth. Showing up on the first few pages of search results is free brand promotion, increasing shoppers and clients. Visibility on the internet increases your company’s worth.


Running your own business can be demanding, with numerous things to consider, we would rather have your time being spent on face to face interactions. No one can speak better about the brand than the owner himself. Leave the website optimisation to us. At PINKBEAR Marketing, we provide SEO services. Spend your time on the most valuable day to day stuff and let us help you improve your digital presence. Learn more about the SEO service we provide here.

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