Most of your customers own a social media profile and that is a FACT! Sprout Social, a social media scheduling company, mentioned in their article that there are 183 million Facebook users & 116 million Instagram users in the US alone. Get 1% of these numbers and you’re still not penetrating the market. Since we’ve established the statistics, what does having a social media business page for your business? Well this means, you will be able to connect to your audience immediately! 

Pink Bear Marketing is partnering up with Schmuzter, a creative social media marketing agency in New York, to provide you with different and effective social media marketing solutions. We have options for you to do paid advertising on your social media to reach more consumers that are not aware of your products and service . Our goal with this partnership is to tie in your social media activities with your SEO activities and ultimately maintain your online presence and get quality leads through your chosen social media platforms.



Want to build your audience? Then, try our paid Social Media Campaigns. If you just started your business, the best way to start building your audience aside from great content, is a paid social media campaign. What does a paid campaign do? In just Facebook alone, there are at least 11 business objectives that will help your business goals. These are:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase local area awareness
  • Direct traffic from your Social Media page to your site
  • Increase the number of reach
  • Increase downloads of apps
  • Increase video views
  • Increase and get more quality leads
  • Have more people message you about your product
  • Increase conversions
  • For e-commerce businesses – list your products
  • Increase the number of people to visit your shop, business or restaurant
LinkedIN also offers LinkedIn Sales Navigator that offers various types of services but to a different target market. Point is, we are happy to manage these paid campaigns, monitor and optimise to assist you with your Social Media Marketing Efforts.


Are you already drowning with all the social media tasks? Most entrepreneurs, especially start ups, have a hard time adding this task to their busy schedules. Pink Bear Marketing understands this and so we aim to take these from you and have you leave it from the capable hands of our Social Media Experts. 

Our Basic Social Media Management packages include the following:

  • Initial briefing – we will be talking about your business, your products, brand voice, image styling, target market and KPI’s.
  • Create a spreadsheet of your content calendar subject to your approval.
  • Create content from any images that you supplied
  • Schedule posts through social media scheduling tools.
  • Up to 2 Social Media Platforms.
  • Posts every other day.
  • end of month reporting.
Our other packages includes engagement, increase in frequency of posts, responding to messages and comments. We also have options to join Facebook groups and social media outreach – which means to message other relevant businesses to promote your services.