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Pink Bear Marketing is now offering affordable SEO services based in Sydney. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is necessary nowadays in order to compete against millions of websites. Your competitors are surely doing using SEO services. Search engines have algorithms in place as determining factors in order to figure out which websites appear first page and are most relevant to a user’s search query. Pink Bear Marketing takes pride in the fact that our SEO Experts have years of experience, in depth-knowledge of SEO strategies, and are well-versed in SEO best practices and techniques. 

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation but not really understand what it does for your website. If this is the first time you’ve heard of SEO, we will try to explain it as simple as possible. We believe that SEO will help achieve 3 main objectives for your website: 1) Easy navigation – improve customer journey and better marketing funnel; 2) Keywords – It has necessary keywords to help search engines and potential users find you. This also helps in answering customer questions about your products, services or company; 3) Site reliability and speed – to make sure that your site is functioning without any issues.



A basic site audit means that we are to identify any hindering factors that stops your website from showing up on the first page of any search engines first page results. We look at 2 factors : Technical issues and content issues. Technical SEO audits helps us identify all the webpages you have currently indexed in search engines. We will look for any pages that have broken links, missing H1’s, site speed, canonical issues, sitemaps, robots.txt and more. The other factor we look at is the content part of your webpage. Simply put that we are to check if the content in your page is enough to answer your customer’s questions.


The foundation and starting point of a good SEO strategy is good keyword research. Filtering out and choosing the right keywords, adding them into your target pages will impact your website’s ranking, therefore, the success of your SEO strategy relies heavily on words or phrases that have high monthly average searches, competitiveness and answers customers’ intent. Our team is trained to do keyword research with the mindset of “what keywords would I type in on the search bar to find this business?” For us, without a keyword research is pretty much trying to play archery in the dark hoping you get a bulls eye. 

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Content SEO is not just about articles, news or blog writing. Each page should meet SEO standards of at least 500 words that contains your chosen keywords. Having enough content in the page indicates to search engines that the page has enough information that can possibly solve a customer concern. The content also has to be written according to different guidelines: title should contain focus keyphrase, focus keyphrase should be mentioned at least twice in a 500 word page, at least 4-5 times in an 800 word page and 7 or more in a 1000 word page. The content should also have structure and it should be good enough that it is share-worthy in social media or referenced by other sites.


Once the technical and content issues are recognised, then our team will start fixing these issues. On the Technical part, we will h0elp improve the loading speed of your site, correct 400’s and 500’s status codes. We will also be searching your site for any broken internal or external links. Content issues would include adding the keywords to your URL, making your URL’s structure easily readable by search engines. The removal of duplicate pages & duplicate content are also essential. Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions will also include your keywords and should not be duplicated. Fixing technical and content issues is an ongoing process as Google’s algorithm updates every now and then.


Establish your physical location using Google My Business. Aside from Google My Business, you can also use Bing places, and other local directory sites to tell your customers where to go and find you. Your customers can also have the ability to rate your business and add a few comments as a feedback. Your local SEO will help with your Geo-targeting. This means that potential customers who are looking for your products or services and they are near your area will automatically be able to find you. Updating your Google My Business account with your company’s information, photos, hours of operations and more will help your local customers find you easily.


Link Building may be the hardest and the longest ongoing process in SEO. Link Building includes hours of research, guest post outreach and PR outreach. It may be hard to look for another site to link back to your site, however, if the domain has a good domain score then it is worth it. Google’s algorithms rewards websites that are recommended by others. The saying goes, “that Google will love you if your users love your first”. This is where content writing plays a big part in link building because if your content does not add value to your users, or the other site’s users, then link building will prove to be difficult.


At the end of each month, we will take a look at the statistics of your webpage. This allows us to know which ones work and which ones doesn’t. These stats will be taken from Google Analytics and you will get an update of what we’ve done on the site, the next month’s strategies and recommendations. 

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Why get SEO Services with Pink Bear Marketing Sydney?

Pink Bear Marketing offers SEO services that are affordable especially for startups and small businesses. We are all about what is best for you and our aim to make you and your business a success. We will look for opportunity keywords to make sure that you are found by people who are searching for your services.

We value our customer’s trust and takes pride in our integrity. We want you to achieve your business goals through our SEO services. We don’t beat around the bush, we say it how it is. We will help you create a long term SEO strategy that are focused on your ROI and financial results. 

We are all about results. We look at your monthly report and adjust the strategy accordingly. We will keep in contact with you and be transparent. You will receive a monthly report that outlines the performance of each keyword. Transparency and communication is key.

Pink Bear Marketing is all about compassion. If you are just starting a business, we offer payment flexibility plans just to keep your Marketing going.