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Pink Bear Marketing’s Brand Awareness Package is a combination of our SEO Services and Social Media Services, brand awareness package is all about maintaining and improving your online presence. With this package, we can manage up to 3 social media platforms and add content to your site that meets SEO requirements.

Let people know about your business! With the Brand Awareness Package, we help you be found on the web and get your target audience familiar with your brand.

The Brand Awareness Package includes:

SEO Services

  • Strategy: 1 hour session every month where we’ll discuss your objectives and how you would like to be perceived including your:
  • Needs: We’ll identify your key business objectives and make a plan to increase your leads and sales, and brand awareness.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs): They will help us map progress. We will review the leads generated by your website, the conversion rates and processes.
  • Clients: We help you understand who are your most successful clients and identify the aspects of your business that attract them to you.
  • SEO Management: We optimise your website presence to improve referrals from free or organic search results on search engines like Google and Bing. SEO will help achieve 3 main objectives for your website: 
  • Easy navigation: We improve the customer journey and the marketing funnel;
  • Keywords: It has necessary keywords to help search engines and potential users find you. We structure, populate and regularly update your website and external referrers so your content is identified as relevant by search engines for the appropriate search terms. We’ll work on 5 to 10 keywords. If you want to focus on more keywords, then let us know.
  • 4 blog posts: We create blog posts of at least 600 words and an image each, and integrate 50 quality backlinks. This also helps in answering customer questions about your products, services or company; 
  • Site reliability and speed: we make sure that your site is functioning without any issues.

Social Media Management

  • We manage end to end up to 3 social media platforms that are right for your business. Social media allows for content promotion and encourages more engagement. Social sharing can lead to link building and the increased brand awareness improves your SEO rankings. Once we’ve identified your buyer personas, we’ll find out where your audience is most active, make research on your competitors’ behaviour on social media, and search Facebook groups to learn about your audience and develop it.
  • Selection: We help you identify the best way to deliver your message. We help you choose the social media platforms that will be the most effective in your social media marketing success. 
  • Target: We ensure it reaches the right people, at the right time. We create a content plan that appeals to your target audience. We speak the language of your audience to make them more likely to interact, develop brand loyalty, and ultimately purchase your product.
  • 20 posts: We create posts, manage moderation and response. We post consistently rather than too frequently: We create a plan and stick to it. Our focus is content quality rather than content quantity: this increases the chances of the content being shared. We post with a specific objective so we can measure the efficiency.
  • Facebook: To make sure your business has access to the billions active monthly users of the platform, we are active on relevant groups to promote your business. This increases engagement, builds a fan community, drives more traffic to your website and grows your business. We use Facebook groups to get insights from your customers, build a relationship with them by engaging with them directly and regularly, and increase your organic search.


  • Reports that will be sent to you at the end of the month. At the end of each month, we will take a look at the statistics of your webpage. This allows us to know which ones work and which ones doesn’t. These stats will be taken from Google Analytics and you will get an update of what we’ve done on the site, the next month’s strategies and recommendations. You’ll see the evolution in your website traffic and how people end on your website (whether it is by typing your URL into the address bar, using a bookmark, or clicking a link in an email). We’ll provide information on the search volume data for your brand name and provide advice on how to adjust the strategy accordingly.

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Why choose this package?

Spread the world about your brand! By combining social media and SEO research efforts, this package helps you get a positive impact on your marketing efforts, consumer perception, and revenue. It is valuable especially in the early stages of your business as it helps you build trust, brand equity and creates association. Pink Bear Marketing make sure your brand gets recognised by potential customers with the correct associations!

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