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You’ve got a good looking website but only a few visits? Need more sales or lead sign-ups? The Lead generation package is the solution to quickly start attracting clients. It includes a Lead Ebook, a Lead form integrated into your site, 2 Google ads Search Campaigns and 2 Facebook ads campaigns. It is perfect for startups who want an immediate return (of) on investment.


Reports, cheat sheets, toolkits, videos, free trials or discounts, we make sure your web marketing includes lead magnets that work for your business. These incentives are offered to potential buyers in exchange for their email address or other contact information. To generate leads, we create a magnet with the right content: this content answers your customers question, is aligned with a difficulty met by then, provides value to them and is easy to apply. 


To help you capture and convert website visitors, Pink Bear Marketing lead generation experts create Facebook and Google ads that drive traffic and generate targeted leads to your website.

We then use direct call-to-action to convert your prospects into leads.

The Lead Generation Package includes:

Google ad campaigns

We create and run two ad campaigns that encourage customers to pursue a specific action such as buying, increasing traffic or signing up. We set them up in Google ads so these campaigns help generate traffic. We’ll run them so they appear on Google search results pages and on specific pages that are thematically relevant to your advertising message.

Facebook ad campaigns

We create and run two ad campaigns that will direct people to your website. Our effective campaigns will target specific audiences, and link them to a landing page that offers information or a free offer before connecting them to the main website. We keep your audience interested using retargeting campaigns.


We help you get leads by creating a 2 page e-book. Using a lead-generation ebook is a great way to develop awareness and interest. It addresses the problems your customers are facing that are related to your products or services. It cultivates interest in the problem and in your solution(s). We’ll start by doing keyword research and choose the ones that express your user intent (people willing to download an e-book related to a specific topic).

Lead Form

Integrated into your site, the sign up form, registration form or contact form are crucial to your business. They’re how you attract website visitors and turn them into leads. Simple multi-pages, limited number of fields, popup box, with clear CTA, we’ll integrate the best lead generation form format that is fun and quick to complete.


Email marketing/newsletter is one of the best lead generation strategies you can use for your business. It will help get new leads for your business, nurture your leads until they convert, communicate with your subscribers and customers, develop credibility and revive unresponsive subscribers. We’ll create and send a weekly newsletter that will help your visitors move from the “interest” stage through the “action” one.

Strategy: 1hr session every month. we’ll discuss your objectives and how you would like to be perceived including your:

  • Needs: We’ll identify your key business objectives and make a plan to increase your leads and sales, and brand awareness.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs): They will help us map progress. We will review the leads generated by your website, the conversion rates and processes.
  • Clients: We help you understand who are your most successful clients and identify the aspects of your business that attract them to you.


Reports will be sent to you at the end of each month with comments and recommendations. We keep track of your conversions and provide details on the next steps to adjust the strategy accordingly. We will keep in contact with you and be transparent. You will receive a monthly report that outlines the performance of each keyword. 

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Why choose this package?

If you’re starting your business and need help targeting your desired customers and collecting information about your prospects so that you can tailor your product or service to their needs.

Pink Bear Marketing’s Lead Generation Package is a basic package perfect for startups that want an immediate return on investment as it helps shorten your average sales cycle.. We’ll drive visitors and leads through your business which will result in more sales, the reach of new markets, the re-ignition of old prospects, an increase of your profitability, the development of your database and the scale of your business.

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