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Pink Bear Marketing understands the ins and outs of marketing and how time consuming it can become. If you want to solely focus on the other aspects of your business and have difficulties finding time to maintain your online presence, creating new content, monitoring ads and emailing your subscribers with updates about your business, then you can just outsource your marketing over to us. 

Pink Bear Marketing came up with the Full Service Digital Marketing package to cover you with the essential things you need to market your business. Read on to check what is included in out full service digital marketing package to determine if this is what you currently need.

The Full Service Digital Marketing Package includes:

SEO Services

In Depth SEO for 10 to 20 keywords. This includes:

  • Technical SEO: Site Audit, Google Analytics Set up + Configuration, Google Tag Manager Set Up + Configuration, Google Search Console Set UP + Configuration, Analyse potential events to be added in Analytics, URL structure / Silo-ing Optimisation, Internal Linking Structure, Sitemap Check, Fix broken links and set up redirection,  SSL advise. 
  • Content SEO: Keyword Research – Focus keywords, Optimise Topic Pages, Meta Titles, Meta Description, Create Meta Title and Description Spreadsheet, We research your industry and your competitors, Create Alt Tagging spreadsheet, Blogs and Content Writing (Optimised for keywords), one chapter ebook download, Website funnel / Customer Journey
  • Local SEO: Google My Business Set Up / Take over, Optimise Google My Business using selected keywords, Adding products/services in GMB, High Quality Directory Citations
  • Backlinking: Backlink Profile Check, Disavow Spammy backlinks, Backlink Research and Outreach, At least 50 backlinks created per month for 5 keywords

Content and SEO Writing

Content SEO is not just about articles, news or blog writing. Each page should meet SEO standards of at least 500 words that contains your chosen keywords. Having enough content in the page indicates to search engines that the page has enough information that can possibly solve a customer concern. The content also has to be written according to different guidelines: title should contain focus keyphrase, focus keyphrase should be mentioned at least twice in a 500 word page, at least 4-5 times in an 800 word page and 7 or more in a 1000 word page. The content should also have structure and it should be good enough that it is share-worthy in social media or referenced by other sites.


Get more organic traffic to your website. We provide you with 8 articles a month of 800 words each and that include 2 images each. Creating blog posts about topics that are interesting for your audience and providing answers to their questions will help rank in search engines and get customers to visit your site. We target the right keywords by focusing on one keyword per article and bring content that the searcher is looking for. 

Google Ads

We set up and manage up to 2-4 Search Campaigns. We create and run campaigns that encourage customers to pursue a specific action such as buying, increasing traffic or signing up. We set them up in Google ads so these campaigns help generate traffic. We’ll run them so they appear on Google search results pages and on specific pages that are thematically relevant to your advertising message.

Facebook Ads

We AB Test / Set up and manage up to 2 – 3 campaigns. We use a unique messaging approach and quality creatives. We make sure your brand meets their goals thanks to a great attention-grabber, the introduction of a problem, the presentation of the solution and the response to potential objections.

Social Media Management

We manage end to end 3 to 5 social media platforms that are right for your business and add content everyday. We help you identify the best way to deliver your message and ensure it reaches the right people, at the right time. We create 20 posts and manage moderation and response.

We will be active on Facebook groups to increase engagement and drive more traffic to your website. It includes Content Strategy, Content Creation and Scheduling, Hashtag Research, Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

Lead Generation eBook

We help you get leads by creating a 5 pages e-book. Using an ebook is a great way to develop awareness and interest. It addresses the problems your customers are facing that are related to your products or services. It cultivates interest in the problem and in your solution(s). We’ll start by doing keyword research and choose the ones that express your user intent (people willing to download an e-book related to a specific topic). 

Lead Form

Lead Generation Form Integration (Form changed every 3 months). Integrated into your site, the sign up form, registration form or contact form are crucial to your business. They’re how you attract website visitors and turn them into leads. Simple multi-pages, limited number of fields, popup box, with clear CTA, we’ll integrate the best form format that is fun and quick to complete.

Email Marketing

Newsletter (3x a week). Email marketing/newsletter is one of the best lead generation strategies you can use for your business. It will help get new leads for your business, nurture your leads until they convert, communicate with your subscribers and customers, and revive unresponsive subscribers. We’ll create and send a weekly newsletter that will help your visitors move from the “interest” stage through the “action” one.

A monthly strategy session (1H) in which we’ll discuss your:

  • Needs: We’ll identify your key business objectives and make a plan to increase your leads and sales, and brand awareness.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs): They will help us map progress. We will review the leads generated by your website, the conversion rates and processes.
  • Clients: We help you understand who are your most successful clients and identify the aspects of your business that attract them to you.

We’ll create a digital marketing road map from there that covers the progression of your campaigns for the next 3 to 6 months.

Monthly Reports will be sent to you at the end of each month with comments and recommendations. We keep track of your conversions and provide details on the next steps to adjust the strategy accordingly. We will keep in contact with you and be transparent. You will receive a monthly report that outlines the performance of each keyword. 


Want to add admin services to this package?

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed with all the administrative tasks you need to take care of? For only $999 more, you can have your personal virtual assistant who will help you with your admin services. Get support on the following:

  • Appointment setting
  • Event coordination
  • Respond to email messages
  • Prepare documents, ready to be printed out
  • Research
  • Organise and management of email
  • Create, edit or format templates and guides
  • Create, write, edit and format reports and presentations
  • Any other personal admin tasks that you need assistance with
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This is THE hassle free package from Pink Bear Marketing!

Pink Bear Marketing’s premium package makes your life easy. In addition to the support of our marketing and graphic design teams, you have a dedicated contact person to work with on your marketing strategy. 

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