Why Content & Article Writing?

Gone are the days where people just buy without reviewing or researching the product. Therefore, people go online to check the company’s vision and mission, objectives, and long-term contribution to society – this is the new TREND. Most companies who are able to convey a clear message and build their customers’ trusts are the ones that get the majority of the consumers. Your content should speak to your readers. They need to showcase what your products or services are. Content & article writing is an essential part of your SEO marketing strategy. New content means a new opportunity to connect with your audience, sharing your expertise, knowledge, and experience. Google’s algorithm is regularly updating for the past few years and focuses at content that emphasizes intent rather than the technical aspects of writing. Although, of course, we still follow Google’s guidelines, we always strive to make our content and writing services add value to your customers’ lives. Keep this in mind:  A customer stays loyal to a product when it shared the same value with the company. Mic Drop.



Not getting enough visits in your site? We will do a deep dive and comprehensive check of all your content activities on page and off page. The content review includes your Google My Business & directory listings description, your Social Media Business pages description, your website’s blog posts and categories. We will provide you with feedback and recommendations. 


Your content calendar and strategy will start with your business’ monthly objectives. The content calendar will revolve around your target market and business goals for each month. We will brainstorm ideas and plan your content strategy every three months.  We will be researching trends, monthly themes, holidays, what’s trending within your niche,  and we will build our strategy around the research with you business’ goals in mind.


The internet is huge and can provide a lot of information on a variety of topics. When planning and creating your content, We will be looking at your ideal customers’ personas, your monthly business objectives, any promos or offerings that are on the table. We aim that the articles we create will be so unique that other sites would be happy to use them as back links.


Our articles go through quality control and a plagiarism check prior to submission. The articles are original content and are written based on how our expert content writers understand a certain idea. We fully understand how the legal impact that a plagiarised article can affect the business financially so you can trust that we avoid plagiarism at all cost!


Pink Bear Marketing also offers different services to your different content needs:

  • 2-3 pages downloadable ebook
  • Lead magnets
  • Social Media Business page description
  • Google My Business description
  • Business directory listing description
  • Topic Research
  • Infographics
  • Copywriting
  • Paid ads copy
  • Google ads copy