google ads

Google Ads vs SEO

When you’re a business owner who has a website and wants to increase your sales and traffic, you would often encounter analysts recommending you to improve your SEO and Google Ads- and then you get a little indecisive. So, the question is, which is better? Is it SEO or Google Ads?    Both SEO and …

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How to Get Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in Google to get high ranks in the search engine. The question is, how do you get backlinks for your website? Remember that links from different websites are viewed as trustworthy sites and are trusted more. It also boosts your authority which in turn means getting higher …

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seo keywords

Types of Keywords

Choosing the right keywords for your SEO is very important in improving your website. It starts with strategic keyword research and to help you with that, there are tons of websites and applications that would give you what you need. Keyword research involves taking into account the volume of monthly searches and the competitiveness of …

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internal linking

Purpose of Internal Links

In the competitive online world, it’s very important to have a visually appealing website and, more importantly, generate traffic and potential customers for business growth. How do you do that? One of the essential SEO tactics that online businesses can do is by using internal links. Ask any SEO expert if you need to have …

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