5 Reasons Why You Need a Content Calendar

content calendar

In the world of marketing, ideas fly everywhere, schedules are hectic and there are a million things that could go wrong especially if you are not organized. This is why every marketer understands the value of a content calendar.

A content calendar is a detailed written schedule which helps marketing companies organize what, where and when upcoming content should be published. Content calendars include various data. It doesn’t have to be complicated. The important thing about content calendars is the fact that the content calendar works well for the whole marketing team.

Why is a content calendar important? Listed below are some reasons why having a content calendar is vital to the success of your marketing strategy.

1. Always organized
When you’re having a busy day at work, it is easy to write down information and ideas on pieces of paper, post-it notes and random notebooks. Although this is a quick way to handle things, it is not actually a reliable method of being on track. There will always be the tendency of losing them especially when you have a lot on your plate. This creates even more problem on top of what you have to deal with.

A content calendar is the best place where information and ideas should be put in. This way, you could clearly see which information go with what and which ideas would pair well with a particular topic.

2. Consistency is key
In SEO marketing strategies, it is essential that there is a consistent stream of content for your potential customers. Irregular content posting may put your strategy at a disadvantage. The goal should always be to maintain a presence in the mind of your potential customers. Content should always be updated, entertaining and engaging.

Content calendars show gaps and overlap of campaigns and give you the ability to visualize your content strategy as well as give you an idea on the perfect timing when you should publish certain content.

3. No problem remembering dates and events
Working in marketing means that deadlines are already part of your system. Having a content calendar gives you the power to see all of your deadlines in one place. You could clearly see important dates such as holidays, launches, meetings, events, etc. Do not forget to include international, national and local dates as well.

4. Effective for brainstorming
Building a content calendar can double as a brainstorming session as well. It enables teams to collaborate easily. As the team goes through deadlines, they would also be inspired to think of ideas along the way. Because a content calendar also contains important dates and holidays, the team could easily think of various themes of marketing that can be utilized in that particular date.

5. Provide visibility for the whole team
With a detailed content calendar, various departments can be sure that everybody is on the same page. The whole team can plan and adjust accordingly because they are able to see the big picture overview of upcoming contents. The whole team would know their responsibilities, the tasks that need to be prioritized, and view whether a topic and content have already been published.

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