10 Tips on How to Build Relationships with Customers Through Your Brand

Build Relationships with Customers Through Your Brand

One of the most effective ways you can help your business survive through the many changes in the market is by building longer and stronger relationships with your customers. The success of a business does not rely on providing top-notch services or extraordinary products anymore. With more entrepreneurs entering the market with their versions of fan favorites, the only thing that can separate you from the rest is the quality of customer relationships that you are able to build. The relationships you foster will bring more sales to your business, keeping it alive in the market.

Building strong relationships with your customers do not always have to be about the transactions they make with your business. You have many windows to create and foster these relationships from the first moment they interact with you until after they have availed a product or service from you. It is not just about closing the sale and putting your hopes out for them to come back. It is working hard to establish a mutual relationship between your brand and your customers. Among the many ways to build customer relationships, one that you must learn and incorporate in your strategies is doing it with your branding.

Branding is one of the most vital parts of your business as it is the first thing that your customers will see and the last thing they will remember after trying out your product. It is a powerful tool that, when used appropriately, can drive sales through the roof and reel in customers one after the other.

Check out these tips we have gathered on how to build relationships with your customers through your brand!

  1. Respond to their messages

Customers feel most important to businesses when their concerns are attended to immediately. Whether an inquiry, complaint, or suggestion, one of the best ways to connect with your customers and make them experience your brand is by responding to them.


In today’s era of social media, this is made extremely possible and not difficult at all. Make sure that the people you assign to work your customer service department are transparent and emphatic and would always put your customers first.


  1. Engage your customers

Loyal customers engage the most with brands. They do far more than just purchase from you, they advertise you for free too. When their experience with your brand is good, they will talk about your brand and help bring new customers in. They interact with you through different channels and they get more encouraged to come back when you engage with them.


Use the different channels where customers are to get to your customers. Social media, email, your website – all of these can be used to increase personal connection and foster customer loyalty.


  1. Learn their language

This does not mean learning an entirely different language for you is another way to build relationships with customers through your brand It simply means you need to familiarise with how your customers speak and interact online, knowing “what the kids are saying” and “how they say it these days”. This will not only allow your customers to better relate and understand your brand, but it will also give you the chance to spark the interests of those who are not your customers yet.


Many brands use this strategy to engage their current subscribers on social media and get noticed more by the public. This is a very effective way of showcasing how you communicate as a brand and gives people a glimpse of what your customers experience when they interact with you.


  1. Personalise experiences

Personification leaves a pretty permanent mark in your customers’ lives. Whether it is granting your customers’ requests when they avail your services and products or something as simple as the greetings they get from the weekly or monthly newsletters you send them, personalising their experience will help build a relationship of trust between them and your brand.


There are plenty of software you can find to help you make sure your marketing is as personalised as possible. Look into using them to avoid having to work on editing each email you send out to your subscribers.


On another note, keep your responses as personal as possible to their inquiries too, to help provide better experiences during interactions. Customers love it when they know they are interacting with a human being when they contact customer support. Avoid bots and take time to make each experience as personal as you can.


  1. Understand your customers

Many brands forget to build relationships with their customers and end up struggling to keep the business standing. As part of nurturing your relationships with your customers, it is highly important that you take time to research and understand the kind of customers your brand delivers to. This is the best way you can identify how to personalise and have them engaged.


You may begin doing this by checking out which parts of your websites and which ads appeal to your clientele the most. There are many resources you can use to do this, including Google Console. Identify what your market is interested in the most and begin fostering relationships from there. You will know exactly which emails to send them to get them engaged and when they do, all you have to do is follow through and provide a positive experience.


  1. Add value

Your customers do not go to you just because they like your colours, the theme you run with, or your advertisements. Most customers choose the brands they follow and patronise because these businesses provide them services and products that add value to their lives.  


Build relationships with customers through your brand becomes powerful in this area because it is what you are going to use to show your customers how you can add value to their lives. Think of what the average consumer would hope to receive from a relationship with your brand, use it in advertising, and gain customers as you go. Make connections using your brand to add value to your customers’ lives, making them want to keep on coming back to you.


  1. Appreciate your customers

Customers are quick to refer businesses where they had positive experiences with. Showing appreciation for your customers whether it’s the first time they are buying from you or they are repeat customers is sure to gain you more referrals.


Use your brand to show appreciation and get to know your consumers more. Track each interaction and show them genuine appreciation by responding appropriately and in a timely manner as often as you can. Be consistent and make sure that each interaction exhibits the values and promises that your business stands for.


  1. Show them off

One of the many wonders of social media is how easy it is to show off. Consumers need to be able to see everyday people using your brand to be more interested and to actually get themselves involved.


While influencer marketing is definitely an option, another good way to use your brand in nurturing customer relationships is by showing them off. Some consumers feel that they are not good enough, or the brand is too big for them if they keep on seeing famous people endorsing your products and services.


Many people on social media post about the food they eat, products they use, and places they go to. Take time to scroll through those who tag your social media pages and share their posts on your profile! This way, they not only get recognition from their favourite brand, but other people also become more interested because they will see that actual, everyday people use your products and services too. It really is one of the best ways to build relationships with customers through your brand.


  1. Participate in social media trends

Consumers like brands that are fun and interactive. No matter how perfect your products or services are, if you are all about transactions, you might end up pushing your customers away.

With social media becoming an immediate source of entertainment, having your brand participate in social media trends will show consumers that you are not all business all the time.

This will help your brand gain more followers because they will know that you also care for their entertainment other than just closing sales. Customers will find it easier to reach out to your and build a relationship.


  1. Be hospitable

Being hospitable means making sure your customers are comfortable with every interaction they have with your brand, even if it’s just 2 seconds long. Along with personalizing your interactions with consumers, making them experience your brand will also help foster what relationships you have.


Be hospitable and welcome your customers with open arms. Include them in your achievements and successes – address them in such a way that they would feel involved in the process. This way, your consumers will feel cared for, and will always keep your brand in mind. Keen to build a relationship with your customer through branding? Send Pink Bear Marketing a message today!

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